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How do I convince American women to sex strike?

Lemme finish: Against conservative men.

I personally know many pro-choice, pre-marital sex-having, birth control-using women, who fuck or marry conservative dudes. They do not consider themselves feminist; they consider politics "one of those things" that is just friendly agreeing-to-disagree in their relationships; they mostly do not vote. But they are certainly liberal. I grew up in a conservative area; sometimes being liberal there means you are the only one - you are shut down in conversation, eye rolled at, and you get discouraged and then complacent. These women were like me - now they are quiet about their rights. They are privileged enough that something like expensive BC or traveling for an abortion is a-ok.

Don't get me wrong: it is these women's prerogative to marry and fuck who they want, and to handle these differences however they want. I cannot help but wonder if they could be awakened. I cannot help but wonder if they are like me enough to be furious about something like the Hobby Lobby decision, but for their own sanity they do not bother to be outwardly furious.


I want no man who has a political opinion on women's reproductive health (other than that women get to do what they want) to get laid. If our sex is tied to our morality, you cannot have sex with us then. Would you not be immoral, too, if you did? Do not demoralize us (in your eyes) and then prevent us from protecting our bodies. If I do not have the privileges of having sex for pleasure, neither do you, sir.

You are banned from sex with me.

I, like most of you, am outraged. Sadly, I feel that the only way to show the double standard is to show men what it will mean to them when pleasurable sex is no longer worth the risks to us. I want the ability to say, "well, we COULD hook up but I don't want to get pregnant" to a man who might vote Republican.

I am with a man who respects my rights and is just as sickened by all this as me; it doesn't make sense to sex strike against him, so then how can I ask other women to do it without just putting more responsibility on women? I would be a jerk and hypocrite. I am sick of the burden women must suffer. In the past, I have stopped hooking up with someone when I learned he is anti-choice (and then I learned to pre screen for that). I was called a bitch and a feminazi but I know that he didn't want to father a child - the hypocrisy was standard, and offensive. The male privilege is blinding: sex was never connected to pregnancy for us, in his mind, but he had no problem generally believing women who have sex should suffer for it.

I want these women who are in relationships with Republicans, that are otherwise presumably happy, to stop fucking those guys. Do not give them the privilege of sex for pleasure when you do not have it, while you have to have sex at great risk to yourself (or at least, other women do, because of the votes of people like your husband or boyfriend).


I want all conservative men to stop getting laid.

(I do not mention medical reasons for BC and abortion because I do not like that argument in this conversation. It is valid, of course, but it misses the point that sex is healthy and fun and that women should have a right to do it at will and without dire consequences - because we are in a modern era where it is possible. We should not need to defend this with a "doctor's excuse").


ETA I want to clarify that I am only serious about this in a sort of imaginative way (and I can be sort of a dark-humored maniac sometimes). I don't think it would work, it's unfair for me to be exempt because of my feministish guy, and as SailorJupiter points out, withholding intimacy for coercion is abuse.

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