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How do I curlers?

Please help me adult.

I finally got a long-overdue haircut, which is a relief because my hair tends to puff up at the top when I don't iron it and the whole look was getting very sister-wife. However, I didn't give the stylist much direction other than, "Please just cut it off" and she...got a little overzealous. It's just a little bit of shag short of The Rachel.


The thing about my hair is that it pretty much has to be styled at this length (as opposed to my previous 30-seconds-with-the-blowdryer-to-dry-the-roots-and-go) but it does not want to do whatever you're asking. Try to curve it under, it will flip out; make it straight, it will curl. And I really do not have any extra time in the morning to add another step to my mirror routine, so I'm kind of looking for something that will work on its own while I'm doing other stuff.

Do people use curlers anymore? Like the big ones? Will they help if I take a shower, roll it up, blow dry, go about my business, and remove? I know for sure that I cannot sleep in them, or I will wake up to find them flung wildly about my bedroom. If so, what kind should I use? Is there a...technique?

Just to be clear, I mean


And not


Thank you for your serious attention to this critical issue of national importance.

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