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How Do I Dryer

I'm moving to an apartment in August with a laundry room and I don't know how to use a dryer.


Now, before you cry "WHY DONT MILLENIALS KNOW HOW TO DO BASIC THINGS GOD THIS IS THE DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY" I have to tell you I understand how to wash clothes, but I have never used a dryer. We have an intense outside line at my house for when it is even remotely warm, and our laundry room also has intense lines for hanging things in the winter. We have a dryer, but I have seen it used maybe three times in my entire life.


We're the house that washes everything in cold water to save energy and money, we are not using that energy beast from 1981 if we can avoid it.

Id use a drying rack in the apartment but there are cats and I'm not even going to give them the temptation.

So. How do I avoid sitcom tropes and not shrink or ruin my clothes? Like, what even goes in a dryer? What can't go in? If I use "tumble dry" but no heat will that work alright?

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