This is a thing people can do, right?

What had happened was, I left the car on for a little while after I got home. It got turned off before real long, but it was apparently long enough to kill the battery. And it was the car my wife was taking to work today. And I forgot to mention it before I left this morning. So my wife had to get a jump from one of the neighbors, which worked except that the 2006 Chevy HHR has a really interesting feature in that jumping the battery blows the power steering fuse (we've had this problem before, so we knew what it was) so I had to go by Pep Boys on the way back home to pick up a fuse. Needless to say, PhMom was not too happy, and I feel really bad and dumb about it, particularly since I did just about the same thing with the other car only a couple of months ago.

Here's the problem, though: I can't feel a reasonable amount of guilty about something. Anything that makes me feel bad immediately triggers the depressive death-spiral of self-worthlessness. It's not just, ha-ha, I did a dumb thing or I'm really sorry: that was a dumb thing to do, but it's I'm a stupid fuck-up who always fucks things up stupidly. Or worse, as a defense mechanism I go into full-on pissy defensiveness mode: gosh, I'm SORRY that I couldn't be perfect. I guess I'm just the world's biggest fuckup. So quit riding my ass about it already [broods and fumes]! Except no one is riding my ass about it (not that I don't enjoy having my ass ridden, just not non-literally) except for me. I come home happy-go-lucky from work and my brain throws crockery at me because I forgot to mention that the boss is coming over for dinner tonight and he's a vegetarian and my brain spent all day cooking Beef Wellington and all I do is sit around and drink beer all weekend and never take my brain out to the ballet like I said I would..

It makes me feel narcissistic and petty: I should be thinking of what I can do to help, how I can do better, etc. but I can't get past I'm such a fuckup.

How am I supposed to feel? Is there a way to do that? Is there some sort of brainhack for this?