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How do I find a MUA for my wedding?​

Truefax: I cannot make-up. I'm no good at it, it brings me no joy, and I'm either okay enough looking or IDGAF enough that I haven't noticed looks of terror at my face sans make-up.

That said, I do like how I've looked when I've been made up in the past, so I'd like a professional job for my wedding in May (my family members who could do it for me are all of the MOAR MAKEUP IS MOAR school of thought).


The problem: WeddingWire have approximately 15 million well-reviewed MUAs in my area. How do I find a good one that can do a natural look? None of my friends in the area have used one, so personal recs are out.

Should I go ask my local Ulta or MAC ladies for recommendations? Do I need to pay several ladies $75 each for a test run just to find a good one? How will I know if they're using photography-appropriate levels of make-up? Am I going to feel like a clown on my wedding day!?

Help me, y'all.

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