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How Do I Fix This?

We're trying to set guest list. I want to invite 5 people...he wants 15. And I feel like, dude, you want to invite your friends, I should get my aunts and uncles.

And then the mistake happened—I just told my fiance I dislike his female best friend. I tried to walk it back by saying she's just not my cup of tea, but seriously, I dislike her.

She gave him bad advice when we were just dating, she's soooo self-righteous, she's very...prudish, I guess (maybe over-protected is better), and when we get together with her and her husband, expects everyone to cater to her needs.


Add to this the fact that he wants to invite his friend who:

  • hates me
  • hates weddings
  • is racist (my family's not white and are immigrants). He seriously said to me, someone who grew up in Roxbury, "The inner city is such a horrid place. You need a gun if you're going to drive through with all the black people. I dunno how people live there." The fiance tells me that this is more due to his Aspergers-like tendencies, but I was like "being weird and having poor self control/boundaries does not a disorder make."
  • has a creepy Asian fetish (like, dude, my best friend is not fetish bait for you, you creepy "I need a submissive Asian woman" freak (mind you, my bestie would probably slug him)
  • is socially awkward and not really liked by rest of the fiance's friends.

Ugh. All I wanted was a quick March wedding! Like, wedding at City Hall and then dinner. That's it! And I like 2/4 of his best friends and could probably even suck it up if the girl came.


So what do I?

On the bright side, he picked out his wedding suit and I'm trying to decide between this and this. I think I'm going to order both, see which I like and go with that one? It's okay that I want to wear blue, right? And what do you think about silver shoes?


Thoughts, GT-cuzzies?

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