Ok, so you ALL know that making friends once you're out of college is a tough endeavor. Even for the most social of us, once we're past our mid 20s, it becomes harder to make and keep friends. But you know what's even harder? Making male friends (or female friends if you're a straight guy.) I'm in my 40s. I know guys I'd like to be friends with, but how do I do it? The things I'd suggest to a woman I want to get to know, like coffee, going to a movie, getting cocktails, doing girly stuff, etc. are all preludes to dating, or actual dating (except for the girly stuff.) How do I say "Hey I think you're super cool and let's be friends. But also, you should know that I'm not trying to touch your peen, and my ladyflower is pretty off limits too." I'm not a drinker, so I don't spend much time at bars, and I pretty much hate sports. Plus I don't really want to be friends with drunk sportos.

HOW DO I DO THIS? God it used to be so easy. I used to have lots of guy friends. I love hanging out with men. Men are fun and most totally get the art of hanging. I'm totally not one of those "Men are just so much easier to be friends with than women I'm not like most women I'm almost a dude" women. I LOVE my girlfriends. But I also really miss having male friends. Am I doomed to a dudefriendless life?