I did a lot of Googling looking for signs, but I mean...maybe some of you can help me out. How do you know if it's an infestation vs. stray ants looking for food or something? We get stray carpenter ants in our house around this time of the year every year. But last week, I found 2 in my bathroom one night and another stray one or two around the house throughout the week. Today, I found one on the kitchen floor and just found 3 in my bathroom (UGH). So now I'm getting worried because, as I've said, they've been present before, but finding 3 in my bathroom at once sounds like a problem. :\ I had handwashed a few things earlier today and hung them up to dry in my bathroom with a towel under to catch water, so I'm guessing the excess moisture attracted them.

Our house is surrounded by trees in close proximity, so there's that. They might just be coming from outside, as they usually were. Also, I haven't seen any winged carpenter ants thus far.

I'm just freaking out right now because I'm so paranoid about bugs.