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So Mr. Peachy and I own a duplex and we rent out the other side. Our current tenants are leaving and I am fully in charge of finding new tenants since Mr. Peachy is going on a looooong business trip abroad soon (WE HAVE SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON YOU GUISE). During previous searches, I had nothing to do with it. The first time, Mr. Peachy's friend who owns an rental management company did it for us. Then our friends moved in, and after that, our divorced friend who lived with us for awhile was in charge.

I just completed my first showing and it was kind of awkward. I was just like "Uh, this is the kitchen!" Like no shit, it's a kitchen. Then there was a door and she asked what was behind it and I said "Um, a closet? *opens door* Yeah, it's a closet! There are two closets here. Uh, I didn't know that. I've only been on this side a few times." AWKWARD CITY.

So are apartment/house showings always this awkward or is it just me? I talked to Mr. Peachy afterwards and he asked who she would be living with, where she was moving from, and if they had any pets (we allow pets, so it's not an issue). LIKE DUH, WHAT GREAT QUESTIONS I COULD'VE ASKED TO MAKE CONVERSATION AND ALSO FIND THINGS OUT ABOUT OUR POTENTIAL NEW NEIGHBORS SLASH PEOPLE WHO WILL BE PAYING US MONEY TO LIVE IN OUR DUPLEX.


HOW DO I BE GOOD AT THIS? I'm doing this 4 more times this weekend. Oof.

*ETA: Also, I have never really been on the other side of this. The first apartment I lived in was found by my roommates while I was studying abroad. Mr. Peachy and I lived in one place before this, and it was a quadraplex and they were renting out all the units, so it was more of a big open house. I mean, I was there for all the house hunting, but our realtor was a friend, so it wasn't really the same.

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