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Welcome To The Bitchery

I recently accepted a request to peer review a paper. I'm pretty excited, especially since the work is closely related to what I did my thesis on. The problem is, I don't know how to peer review exactly. I've not done it before and I've not gotten around to submitting my thesis for publication, so I've never been on the receiving end.

The organization provided me with a list of 13 questions they want answered, which helps, but I'm nervous because I want to do a good job for them and to represent myself will.


Each question contains the question, answer, rationale, and recommendations. Some are easy, like when they ask if methods are in sufficient detail and reproducible, others will take more time and thought. Do I need a rationale every time? Does that rationale have to be other peer reviewed literature or can it be opinion?

I appreciate any help anyone can give me regarding my part in this process!

ETA: This is a study paid for by an organization for a purpose. Though they might eventually publish it (I hope so, it's pretty cool stuff if you are into this field), it is more designed to be given to legislators, town councils, and government agencies to help with decision making processes. But, it is on a big boy button topic in this region.

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