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How do I relationship?

Mr GV and I got into it last night, which is fairly rare and about the only way he will open up. He said some things that were true for him that I didn’t like hearing. He didn’t say anything purposefully hurtful and he wasn’t throwing words at me to be manipulative. It was a fair exchange, but I still have a lot of anxiety about the things that were said. These aren’t things that are fixable in the immediate, some are things that are on his mind that I can’t do anything about.

I think I feel insecure and worry he wants to break up. If he wanted to break up he would say so, but there’s still a nagging feeling that’s generating a lot of anxiety.

This is new territory for me. My other major relationships were generally conflict-free, which isn’t necessarily a healthy thing. One of the things I appreciate about Mr GV is that he challenges me, but now I’m left with the fallout (be careful what you wish for). How do you deal with things with your partner post-argument? So many feels!

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