I have a friend who is spiraling downward. She was living with a dude who seemed pretty decent but has turned out to be passive aggressive and rude on the low, and instead of them parting ways she stayed. She has 0 family here anymore, lost her good job (due to her personal issues), and is incredibly broke due to debt she hasn’t paid and is getting levied for. She stayed with shit BF because money issues but never saved or tried to find a new job... She finally worked up the courage to leave BF but wants a place to stay. I have a studio and I just can’t have roommates. I don’t want her to stay more than 2 days but I feel like if I let her stay at all she won’t leave. She has no money to eventually even get a place and I don’t know how she could even save up. To be fair- her mother a few hours away (who lives in a very nice house/is awesome) will take her in but j think she’s trying to use that as a last resort. I’m trying to find a nice way to say I can’t have her stay without sounding rude. Help??