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How Do I Share My Happy Place?

In advance of the grim announcement on its way, let’s talk about our Happy Place. Tell me where you’re happiest, what activity you’re doing in that place, and what you do to sustain it.

And then think about how to expand it, regionally, nationally, globally. What can you do, what effort can you make, however small, that can help others attain respite, however brief that may be?

Reading over this post I realize how much the word grim (as well as lech, go figure) has become part of my lexicon during this administration. The future doesn’t look so bright, not anymore.


One of my Happy Places is when I can tune things out by playing video games. I can shut out my worries and fears and just be absorbed by the game. I just thought about my old, unused gaming systems (DS, Wii, etc). I’ve been holding onto them but there’s really no need. There’s a woman’s shelter for women and their children (fleeing from abusive situations-so longer term, not necessarily overnight) the next county over. They have very strict security measures, for good reason, which means the kids aren’t able to play outside much. I can donate some of these, and may bring some joy into a kid’s life, help them shut out their surroundings and escape.

I’ll pack them up tonight and drop them off in the morning, with batteries.

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