I have bought and seared a couple of hind shank beef cuts. They look like this:

And then I put a whole onion in the bottom of my crock pot, added the seasoned beefs, and added a layer of baby carrots and tiny topatos, and then poured 40 oz of beer over everything. Do I need anything further than that? Do I need more salt and pepper? Should I add a bay leaf? HOW DOES I STEW? I'm hoping for some beef stew/grownass Osso Bucco type situation.

ETA: So I dragged out all the tiny topatos, added a packet of beefy nonion broth mix (it's got salt AND MSG, huzzah!) generous dashes of garlic powder (I forgot to get real garlic and it's raining out and I'm not walking three miles for a fucking bulb of garlic), two small bay leaves, a quick shake of oregano, and a three big pinches of rosemary. A small pinch of my human's homemade chili powder, and a half a teaspoon of tomato paste. The broth so far tastes boozy but beefy and delicious. I hope this crockpot still works.