Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey y'all,

I got a few Kohl's gift card for my birthday (!!!!), and I figured it's time to help my poor, sad wardrobe. I basically have the weirdest collection of:

- clothes from when I was 15
- handmedowns from my mom, who has way different taste and is about 3-4 sizes larger than me
- handmedowns from friends


I've been reading articles on "capsule" wardrobes and budget friendly ways to not look like a kid. I think the first step is to donate anything that doesn't fit or is obnoxiously teenagery, then throw away stuff with holes (but everything has holes!?). I have some stuff left over after this (should I post pictures?)

What now? How do you pick out clothes that look good? How do you make an outfit that looks polished and on purpose vs. "these colors don't clash, good enough!"?


Some info:

- my job doesn't require business casual (graduate school), though I like to still look professional enough to distinguish myself from my undergrad students
- I'm genderfluid, so I'd like a nice mix of androgynous clothes with less overtly feminine pieces (my wardrobe right now is 100% GIRLY, which makes me super dysphoric)
- I'm slight pear-shape


HELP, oh wise sartorial groupthink!

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