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The day before yesterday my little sister texted me, super pissed off, telling me that her boyfriend is super selfish and treats her kinda like she's his mother but he's working on it but it annoys her to no end.

I don't know how to deal with this. My first instinct when something isn't right with a guy is to shut that shit down.


I've asked her about whether or not she thinks it's fixable and she thinks so. But I also told her to remember that she's not alone, she can come back home any time she needs to and she doesn't need to worry about being trapped in a situation she doesn't want to be in.

She seemed kinda weirded out that I gave her that whole spiel and now I feel like I've basically told her that her boyfriend is the worst and she needs to come home. I don't think that at all-the two times I've met the young man, he seemed decent. He's an only child which I think might be contributing to what my sister thinks is selfishness.

What do I do now? She says he has to make a conscious effort to not be selfish which seems like a HUGE red flag to me but maybe I'm just way too quick on the draw?

Eta: Since folks are asking she's 26 and he's 25. They live together. It's not his first time living away from his parents, but it's his first time living with a girlfriend.

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