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How do I tell my roommate I might be moving out?

I am really lucky to have a pretty good relationship with my roommate. She and I are friends from college and have lived together for the past three years. There's no "drama" to speak of, and we've never had an argument. I had crappy roommates all throughout college, so I've always been really happy with how this living arrangement turned out.

There's just a slight issue now. My boyfriend and I have been considering moving in together for some time. (We've been together for a year and a few months at this point.) Putting my reasonable fears of moving in with a boyfriend aside — because, let's be real, that is a scary leap! — the thing that's been bugging me the most has been how to break the news to my roommate. (I'm more afraid of telling her than telling my mom!)


I always told my boyfriend that I'll tell my roommate when the house searching process got more serious. The rent in our neighborhood has skyrocketed, so it's hard to find a house to rent in our price range; we assumed we'd have to look seriously for much longer and would even have to move out of the neighborhood to find what we wanted. Well, we found what we wanted, almost on a whim. It's a huge 1100sq 1920s house with all the period charm we've been looking for in the exact area we want to stay in — and did I mention the rent is like $500 below the average rental price for most homes in the area? Yeah.

So, we kinda want to move on this ASAP. I don't know how to tell my roommate. Is it a dick move to spring on her right away? Am I being a horrible friend for picking living with a boy over her? (Obviously, I would help her find someone to take my room — which shouldn't be hard because we live in a very popular area and we are rent controlled.) Should I not do this in the first place? How should I proceed in all this?

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