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How Do I Tip?

I'm apartment moving on Saturday, and for the first time I'm hiring people to help me move. I'm going from a first floor, can park the truck right in front the building's doors easy-peasy, to a 4th floor, possibly have to park the truck below on a hill, walk-up. So I'm paying 2 guys to help deal with that shit. So how much do I tip?

My new apartment is less than a 10 min drive from my current one. I don't have that much furniture/boxes. The main things are a couch, lazy-boy recliner, box spring and mattress, dresser, hope chest, and about 20-30 boxes. And I will be helping to carry things. Also to add the weather is going to be clear, but cold in the low-mid 30s if that factors into anybody's thoughts. If it was snowing, then I know I would definitely add more.


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