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Welcome To The Bitchery
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How do I underwear

I've been working really late, and today I did not want to do laundry SO much that I actually went to Walmart (which I loathe) at 1130 to buy new underwear. I grabbed it and some snacks of the sort that indicate my lady time is soon to be upon me, and then dealt with the snippy cashier who gave me shit about not having bags (Austin has banned plastic bags and I never remember to bring my reusables). Listen lady, it's not like I planned ahead of time to be hitting a new low point in my life tonight, okay? Anyone who is paying you for underwear and carbs at 1130pm is probably having a rough day. If I had thought far enough ahead to bring bags, I could have thought far enough ahead to have Amazon send them to me in two days.

Then I got home, took a long shower, and opened the package to get a pair out (NO I did not wash them, that would defeat the purpose) and...they're too big. By a lot. I bought two packages so one is unopened, but I literally do not have it in me to go BACK to Walmart, look a stranger in the face, hand over a package of underwear and ask for a refund because I got the wrong size. Underwear suspenders: do they exist?


On the bright side, I'm trying the pillow rollers that Star told me about and I'm excited to have lovely waves tomorrow.

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