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How do I wear high waisted shorts? (TW tiny bit of weight & body talk)

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I’m doing this weird thing where I try to embrace my body for what it is, after I gained back all the weight I lost. Which means buying shorts because it’s hot af and I do not like being hot and uncomfortable and I can’t wear maxi skirts ALL the time (can I?).
So today I am going on a quest for shorts. And I would really, really like high waisted shorts (like the ones shown above, or maybe even a little shorter!). I’m going to check out my local Ross and H&M and see if I can find something (probably can) but... I have literally no clue how to style those things.
Like I usually see them with crop tops, but I am plus size and really still fairly ashamed of my tummy and my fat rolls and I would prefer not to show my tummy or my fat rolls at all when I’m out in public.

So what can I wear high waisted shorts with that is not a crop top? Do I just tuck stuff in? (How do I tuck stuff in? I am so freaking bad at being an adult sometimes.)
I have one tank that is almost a crop top but it’s not quite, and I think it would look okay, but it’s also quite loose... like not form fitting at all. And I usually see high waisted stuff with tight clothes. Would that tank look okay?
Also, I usually see them with heels, but I will not wear heels because I like not being in pain and I have screwed up feet. Will they look okay with flat sandals?

ETA: Thank you everyone! I’m going to look for a body suit that I like that would go with them, and if I can’t find one of those I’ll work something out with tucking things in. Hopefully I will be pleased enough with whatever I get to have something to report in the next selfie thread. :) You guys are all amazing!

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