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How do I write this as a comment?

On a student paper.

Student wrote on their exam that the question was unfair because they needed to know a definition, the proper term, and how to use the term. It was super whiney and disrespectful, because it’s apparently unfair of me to ask them to know proper terms in two different sections of an exam.


1. This student had no problem memorizing 20 other terms.

2. 3 times in class I pointed to these 6 terms and said “you need to know these, they will be on your final.”

3. The proper term is only part of the damned question. You still can get a 75%.

4. I gave them a study package that included these terms.

Me right now
“Are you fucking kidding me? I literally told you you’d need to know this. Do you have any idea what a fucking whiney baby you sound like? WAAAAAAAAA this exam is sooooo unfair that my teacher gave me a study package told me what I needed to know, and I still think I am being treated unfair. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


Back in my day, we didn’t get study packages because it was expected that you work and not whine like a child. What do you want me to write the goddamn exam for you too?”

The answer is don’t write a response.

Because if I write a response on the online grading thing, that will be used against me in a review. No matter how sensible is for me to point out they don’t understand what unfair is and that it was disrespectful for them to write it in the first place, the customer is always right.


It’s late, and I’ve been working too hard. I’m angry. More angry than I should be. I’m not even getting fucking paid to mark these exams. I had to PAY TO COME TO SCHOOL TO GRADE THEM. (File this under all the reasons I am quitting at the end of next semester).


There’s something about students where I do so much to help them and they write me ungrateful notes that makes my blood boil.

What is wrong with people? Is this what happens after 25 years of handing out participation ribbons? For me it ruined my self worth. Does it make people write notes about how they have no personal responsibility for anything? Is it what makes student who got their first A instead of an A+ cry and beg for a higher mark? Take every assignment and make me line by line explain why they got that grade. It’s not just this student, but so many others that seem almost shocked they can fail for plagiarism, or not showing up,etc that their actions have consequences.


Most students aren’t like that. Most are good.

But these ones are the ones that fill out the proper forms to pass the class when they’ve failed for good reason, get me in trouble, or get a new professor. They will literally call my boss’s boss’s boss, to personally complain about what a cunt I am, and big boss will take the student’s side. They make my life as a contract faculty miserable because it’s always my job on the line.


A few years ago this wouldn’t have gotten under my skin, but with the two the pay cuts I took this year, and how no one seems to give a shit anymore about education, I’m just like fuck you.

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