Yeah this could come across as dumb but its been nagging at me since late morning. Also you may be thinking “EB really? Two posts about nuns in two days”.

I wrote in a thread about colleges how in my Catholic college that I went to teachers were always called Miss/Mr/Mrs Last Name except for nuns it was always Sister First Name (except where two had the same first name then one would go by her last name). Growing up going to Catholic schools it was considered exceedingly rude to call a nun other then Sister First Name.

Even nonCatholics and nonChristians did this while in the school.

Nuns seem to be unique with Catholics and the Orthodox Churches. I am not sure if there is an equivalent in like the Baptist or Episcopal.

I know people here come from a variety of religions and Christian groups. I figure out of courtesy in formal settngs a nun would be called Sister First Name and definately inside an institution like a church or Catholic/Orthodox school. Since there is no real equivalency would it be considered acceptable by nonCatholic/Orthodox to call a nun as Miss? Or frowned up to call a nun a Sister except in their institutions.

When it comes to abortion nuns should really have stayed silent when teaching since I got propaganda. I still have a lot of respect for them in terms of teaching me and teaching to do right. Yes often times their advice was bad especially when it came to relationships. My mother can testify to that from when she was a student. Yet it was also nuns who stressed the most about the Sermon On The Mount and many lived it. Overall my respect is still high far higher then Priests and Brothers. I have also never met a group as totally dedicated to education and getting educated as nuns. A nun having multiple Masters was quite normal when I went to high school and especially college (nuns went free).


Yet I wonder also how other Christian groups also view them both formally and by congregants.