A few days ago I wrote about the passing of Martin Milner who starred in Adam 12. Some defined this, Emergency, Black Sheep Squadrain and Colombo as old man shows.

These are shows of my childhood. Ok some like Emergency was bad, ok boringly bad.

These are old man shows example Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wanted Dead or Alive Big Valley and Dragnet.


The only answer I have is old man shows are shows that started before one was born. Alkthough I grew up watching Bonanza and Dragnet with my grandmother. She loved Little Joe in first grade I wanted to be called Little Joe.

Little Joe was the youngest son on Bonanza played by Michael Landon who a year after Bonanza was cancelled played Pa Ingells on Little House on The Prarie.

Actually I hate the idea of old man shows since women also watch these shows. My grandmother also liked The Big Valley, god that was a boring show. I have not seen it since I was 8. I think that’s the only successful western series that starred a woman. I may love the show now but my eight year old memories are just dominant. My grandmother loved Bonanza more. I tried watching Bonanza a few years ago and I liked the father and Hoss but Little Joe annoyed me. I liked watching David Canary who showed potential then who became a really good actor on All My Children. I never understood why Canary never became a bigger actor in primetime and movies. I watched All My Children in late eighties in college. Although Canary has won Emmy Awards while Landon oddly never did. Landon should have won at least for one season as Pa Ingells.

Canary’s Emmy Awards were for AMC.

What is the subject? I seem to have gone awry.