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How do you ask potential bang partners about abortion?

That is the classy way to say sex friends, yes?

I am curious, Groupthink! Do you talk about abortion before having heterosexual sex with someone? I have usually had that conversation before getting into a relationship or near the beginning, but not before having sex for the first time. It just seems like an awkward/personal thing to ask, while also bringing up the "what if I get pregnant!" scary thing. But I am kind of laughing that it seems too personal to have the "what if I get pregnant" talk, but it isn't too personal to get naked and touch genitals. Right!


I philosophically do not want to sleep with pro-lifers, I feel like that says a lot about a person. I also do not want to have an accident with a person who would not respect my decision. I had a horrifying moment with a hook-up guy once where, post-sex, he casually mentioned that he would never 'let' a woman abort if he got her pregnant because he was born out of wedlock and yada yada. We had zero more sexes.

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