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How do you deal with job insecurities?

I love my job very much. It's the first job I've ever had where I look forward to going in to work, I have great coworkers, and I am just so happy with what I am doing.

I guess maybe that's part of the reason that I have a lot of anxiety about how I'm doing. My bosses don't tend to be very demonstrative, and they definitely don't get too enthusiastic about telling people they're doing well. I have felt proud of myself and of what I've accomplished many times in this position, but it's never really been reinforced, which is okay I guess — but I do end up kind of over analyzing myself and wondering if I'm doing as well as I've thought. I just can't get this nagging thought out of my head, that there is a huge disparity between how useful to this company I think I am, and how useful the higher-ups find me. I know the logical answer is to talk to my bosses and ask them for a performance evaluation, but quite frankly I'm terrified of hearing the answer, as dumb as that probably sounds.


Does anyone else feel this way regularly? How do you deal with your job insecurity if you have any?

ETA: I guess I should mention that I do tend to have a lot of social anxiety, always thinking I'm doing something wrong in social situations etc, and I'm trying to figure out how much of that is carrying over into my perspective on my work.

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