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Welcome To The Bitchery

How do you eat?

Had Popeye’s chicken for dinner and, as we ate, I started thinking about the different ways that people at things.


Fried chicken: I pull the meat off the bones with my fingers for each bite. Noklew holds the whole piece of chicken and bites directly into it.


Salads: I mix my salad so everything is distributed fairly evenly throughout. Noklew eats his the way it’s served even if all the.. toppings, I guess, are separated on tops of the lettuce - cheese in one pile, meat in another, etc.

Other stuff: I take bites of everything throughout the meal. My brother eats each thing totally before moving on to the next part. Unless it’s something like gumbo or red beans and rice where it’s mixed together upon serving.


No one in my circle eats pizza with a fork. Noklew tried it once and I put a halt to it. JUST WAIT UNTIL IT COOLS ENOUGH TO TOUCH, GEEZ!

Do any of you, or someone you know, have any interesting ways of eating? Are some of these regional differences?

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