So, big news: someone I just meet yesterday wants to marry me!Sadly, I'm going to have to reject his advances and nip it in the bud. This brings up an issue that I have been struggling to articulate to the people I am getting to know in Dakar: my own romantic preferences.

I feel like an ass for saying it, but the heart (and lower heart on occasion) is sure: I prefer men outside my race. I'm not going to stretch myself thin trying to explain it, and of course I'm prepared to face an exception to my usual preference. Still, it doesn't change that I am usually attracted to people outside of my race. I suspect I'm suffering from a mild case of internalized racism, but I'm working on it, and shacking up with a black and/or African man is not the way.So how do I explain it? Do I state all of the non-black celebrities I have deep abiding crushes on? Do I just bluntly say it? Do I say I'm saving myself for The Flying Spaghetti Monster and avoid the subject? I need some help here.