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How Do You Find New Music?

Where do the kids find the music these days?

When I was in my early 20s I was very tapped into what I suppose you’d call the hipster music scene. I interned in the industry, I went to festivals, I went to concerts all the time, I freelanced as an interviewer and reviewer for a few sites, and I had friends who were also deep in it. Now as a much lazier person in my early 30s who doesn’t go out very much I’m so out of the loop.


Sometimes browsing on Spotify yields success, but I find that a lot of recommendations are for music I already know. Same when I occasionally check on the sites I used to read. It seems like they mostly cover bigger acts now. So where are people finding out about new stuff? First albums or bands who only have one or two songs out that people are already overly hyping?

Once a hipster douchebag always a hipster douchebag - I want to know what’s cool, damnit!

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