Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How do you guys get such pretty nails?

So, I recently took advantage of Zoya’s sale and got 4 new nail polishes. They came last week and I was excited to use them. I painted my nails last night and they are a mess. Specifically my right hand, due to a combination of lack of control with my left, and then subsequent right hand use which left nicks, smudges, and fabric imprints in the polish, even though it seemed dry to the touch. So, can someone please teach me how to paint my nails? I just mean the basics, I have no idea how you guys make those gorgeous designs on your nails. How many coats? How much time between coats? How long do you let your nails dry? Do you use a fan? How do you just sit there without doing anything? How do you get the damn nail polish off when you fuck up, without ruining the rest of the nails? How do you fix dents and smudges? I need help.


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