Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How do you know

If you trust someone enough...

To let them use your Netflix account?


I feel like 6 months of dating is an adequate time to let the man use my Netflix. Especially considering that I'm at his house often enough that I would be using it quite a bit. I have the plan that I can have 2 screens watching from my account at once.


BUT I also thought two fucking years was enough time to sign the ex onto my damn phone plan. WHICH IT WAS NOT, IN CASE ANYONE WAS WONDERING.

(We broke up like a month later and that dude is still on my phone plan. And god forbid he learns how to technology so he can just Chase Quickpay me the $50/month he owes, no no. I have to physically obtain the money. No more boyfriends on phone plans. No more boyfriends on phone plans ever).


But letting someone use my Netflix doesn't actually change the amount of money I have to pay to Netflix, so worst case scenario I can just change the password and don't have to CALL MY EX TO REMIND HIM "HEY I NEED THAT $50" ONCE A MONTH AND THEN HAVE A CONVERSATION OF "How are youuuuu? We should hang out!"


I think it'll be fine.

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