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How do you know when you're coming out of a fog?

As someone with reoccurring depression, I’m used to highs and lows where the highs are not that high and the lows are way too low. Still, something I always need to remind myself at my lowest is that I will come back up again. Because that’s what has always happened and that’s what the research shows.

The last few weeks have been pretty low. Or hell, the last few months. But I finally am starting to feel like myself again. And the biggest sign is that I want to write again. Last night I happily wrote in my journal for a good straight hour. Today I’ve been able to actually do stuff that’s self-care and not for someone else, which has been a struggle for a while.


When I think back, writing has always been The Sign that I’m getting better. Or part of what helps me get better. Same difference.

I know we’re all familiar with the warning signs of depression. But what’s your sign that you’re getting better? Doesn’t have to be depression, can be anything chronic and cyclical.

Also, this is always relevant:

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