Did you guys read this article on Millihelen/the main page?

I don't...what? First of all, we know it's objectively impossible for any of us to know how attractive other people find us because we're inherently biased, and also because people are going to have different opinions. Like for example, I'm really attracted to people who have big noses. Maybe this is because I have a big nose. But I could definitely see people saying my big nose makes me less attractive because it's disproportionate.

I understand the whole trend toward "let's be honest, some of us aren't actually gorgeous, does it need to matter?" but I think we're going to have more luck actually getting it to not matter if we don't talk about it all the time. Like...no, the subject shouldn't be taboo, but haven't you ever read those studies that say venting emotions will make the emotions stronger? At a certain point I think we're doing more damage to our cause, which is ostensibly to make physical beauty matter less on a societal level, with all this talking about whether we think we're beautiful and whether we actually are.

Am I beautiful? I don't freaking know, and I never will, because I'm not objective, you're not objective, and there IS no objective standard of beauty. I wish I didn't have to ever think about it again.

What do you guys think? Are articles like this actually helping anything? Am I way off base here?


ETA I should add, I'm an external processor and I wrote this because this article irritated me and usually I don't have emotions about articles like that, so I thought maybe writing this/reading your responses could shed light on why I had an emotional response to it. I really hope no one took offense at this.