Ok, so first: I have no idea how to make a cheat sheet. My plan is to write as much as I can from 3 chapters of Stats and use both sides of the paper. But where do I even start? I blank out on everything. Plus I have no idea how to study-massive panic attack yesterday prevented me from getting anything done. But prepared to face the day today.

But fuck that, lets focus on what makes us happy!

I have so many things. I like to do research papers. I love The Venture Bros. David Bowie is the best musician in my opinion. I'm getting my copy of Fear and loathing on the Campaign Trail soon! I watch CNN all day, because it's good background noise and I love Jake Tapper. Movies! Any movie! And, of course, all of the wonderful people in my life-including my fellow Jezzies and GT'rs. I can't list anymore because it's hella early, but lets remind ourselves about what we like today!

Edit: GRAHAM CHAPMAN! (and the bright side of life!)