I plan to: (not necessarily in this order:)
-sign up for community supported agriculture/a local cropshare

-work part time

-cook lots of delicious meals at home with above mentioned cropshare

-sleep copious amounts
-cuddle my cat
-spend more than a few days getting unlow and Netflix bingeing
-do some crafty home decor stuff
-lift some weights
-sit on my porch and drink coffee
-drive to Austin to meet with a transfer advisor at UT
-volunteer at the nonprofit i work with
-create a safe, serene, comfortable, peaceful home environment for myself at my new apartment
-read the ten new books I have that have been collecting dust since Christmas
-spend time with friends
-get stupid at my cousin's wedding in may and dance my ass off
-make sangria
-research schools to transfer to in fall of 2015
-Above all, REST.

Things I will not be doing:
Taking summer classes. (This is my season of rest. I've decided.)
Working full time. (See above.)
Stressing myself out about the coming year.
Allowing myself to get depressed and bitter by looking back at the events of the past year.

Your turn!