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Welcome To The Bitchery
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How do you pray?

(This is for all GT who believe in a God, or follow a belief system or religion. If you do not i respect that and am not trying to change minds or convert anyone. So please refrain from name calling, or references to flying spaghetti monsters. also fwiw please don't mainpage this. Thank you.)

I am wondering how others pray. When i pray i close my eyes because i feel that by losing my sight of the world i can gain a closer connection with God. It's how i prayed as a child and i still do it that way. I also don't pray much at home, but i will try to commune with God on my commutes when it's just me and my thoughts to pass the time. How do you pray or talk with God. This is not for Christians only and i would love to hear thoughts by those of the Jewish or Muslim faiths if there are those on GT as well as any other religious people who would like to add their thoughts to the discussion. This is not about right way vs wrong way either, it's about learning how others commune with the higher power they choose to follow or worship.


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