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How Do You Skin Care, GroupThink?

I've loved makeup forever and ever. But skin care was never a big thing, apart from SPF, mostly because I was vain about my (frankly amazing) skin. But as I get a older, my skin is not necessarily what it once was, which is fine and acceptable and cool, but it also means that suddenly I have this desire to go out and buy skin care without the real knowledge of what I want or am looking for.

Some details about my skin, if anyone has recommendations:

1) Very pale. Ridiculously so. The only foundation I've found that fits my tone is Bobbi Brown's DOUBLE ZERO in "Alabaster."*


2) Very freckly/mole-y

3) Kind of sensitive, but "sensitive" care products tend to make me break out in hives (WTF?)

4) Very prone to redness, flushing, etc.

5) Willing to go high-ish in price, but unlike Burt not willing to become a god. That said, if there are great lower-end options or home made stuff, I'm happy with that, too.



6) My biggest concern is that my skin just seems duller than it used to be. No big wrinkles or lines or acne breakouts, just... dull. And sad. With a little bit of broken capillary action.


Mostly I want this to be a skin care open thread for everybody, though. Cuz the Pope is super ignorant here.


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