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How do you solve a problem like meth?

Maybe not like this.

Meth is a really big problem where I live — my county is one of the worst in the state (which itself is one of the worst in the country) in terms of reported meth incidents.

Anyway, last night the local city council voted to pass an ordinance that would require a doctor's prescription for all medication that contains pseudoephedrine, even if the med is technically over-the-counter.* Currently, meds with pseudo have to be kept under lock and key, signed away for and an individual can only buy so much during a given time period. Meth cooks get around this by enlisting their friends once they max out their pseudo "quota" for the month or whatever. Requiring a prescription is admirable, but I can guarantee you most people are just going to drive to one of the next towns over to buy pseudo for its intended purpose, meth, etc. No one wants to sit in a doctor's office and pay a co-pay just for a cold they already know they have and just want to take care of with meds that are already supposed to be OTC.


To be honest, I don't really know what the proper solution here is, but this ordinance seems kind of pointless. We already have the local police, the sheriff's department, and the highway patrol floating around, plus a local drug task force to take care of this junk. Get your shit together, local law enforcement.

*Does anyone know how a local government can order a medication to be prescription-only if the FDA has already declared it OTC?

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