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My husband and I are doing big spring (summer) cleaning this weekend and I go through this every year. How the fuck do any of you people just work being a clean person into your life? He and I are not gross, but we are not habitually clean. We leave shit all over the place and when the house is a mess it’s a huge project. Nothing gets grimy or disgusting (that’s about all we stay on top of it - dishes and grime). But dust and dog hair and empty cans of LaCroix, all day. And god help me if I could just do my laundry and put it all away in the same day.

I think we are cleaner than most - we do these big cleans like once every few weeks but my mom always said your house should be in a state of “would be presentable to a visitor if you have 20 minutes warning” and we are NEVER at that point. That’s where I want to be.

And you’re like JUST CLEAN YOU IDIOT JUST STOP BEING A GARBAGE PERSON but like it’s so far out of the realm of routine habits we cannot seem to work it in without it seeming unreasonable or daunting. And we hate it.


I have tried a schedule but it’s always too ambitious, for a while we had a cleaning person come every few weeks which helped a lot (because then you have to get all your shit out of the way for them to come), but we are not willing to pay for that anymore.

Has anyone else struggled with this and managed to improve?

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