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How Do You Stay Focused, Motivated, In Tune?

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I have a lifelong struggle with maintaining interest/motivation. I always excelled academically because I was allowed most of my life to focus on what stimulated me (yay gift program? Seriously, it probably did mroe harm than good), but professionally... well, I do amazing, boss-impressing things for a few months because I'm interested and love learning and using my new knowledge, then, as things become old hat, I tend to slack. Then slack some more, then disparage things.


I have other aspects of my job working against my motivation (sexual harassment, poor leadership, shitty pay), but the truth is, it is still my job and I need to do it.

What do you do to keep on-task (i.e. maybe not hanging around GT. all day...), motivated to work on something you find exceptionally dull, or even tuned in enough to pretend to care?

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