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How do you store your makeup samples?

Howdy, GT! I've decided to be a marginally-productive adult during this long weekend in the U.S., and am in the process of sorting through/organizing a decade's worth of makeup items. This has generally entailed much consternation over how I've managed to obtain SO MANY different black eyeliners, and at least 20 different brown eyeshadows all approximating the same shade.

These are surmountable challenges. But one area I'm struggling with mightily is what to do with all the samples I've received through Ipsy, Birchbox and other subscription services. I know there are a number of fellow subscribers here—how have you gone about organizing/storing samples that you aren't using on a daily basis but don't necessarily want to toss or give away to friends? Bonus points if your solution is aesthetically pleasing and easy to execute!

Extra credit question: How does one go about effectively cleaning a cosmetic pencil sharpener? Mine is disgusting and I don't want to get pink eye the next time I use it.


ETA: Thank you all for these stellar suggestions! I made a run to the local dollar store for some small organizing boxes, have set aside the unopened/unused bath&body samples to donate to a local women's shelter, and otherwise feel like I've adulted really well today.

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