As my username suggests, I’m a fan of sweet coffee. I also like the instant coffee, which I know is blasphemous...right now, my preferred coffee is French vanilla powdered coffee with hazelnut creamer, sugar, and sometimes cream or milk. I can drink coffee black when I need to - and sometimes I need to, because I need at least two cups in the morning to function like a human being (yay, addiction!) - but I’m usually able to throw in some sugar, at least. Meanwhile, my brother downs endless mugs of strong black coffee like it’s water.

I’m also a fan of tea. Again, I’m pretty blasphemous with my tea...I usually make it by microwaving hot water in a mug and putting in a tea bag. My preferred tea is decaf (I already get enough caffeine with my coffee) Irish breakfast. Throw in some sugar, cream or milk, and I’m good to go.

How do you guys take your coffee/tea? Share in the comments!