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How do you treat yourself?

I’m lucky. There is a lovely restaurant near my house that knows exactly how to spoil me.

We call it the birthday restaurant. It’s one of the few “fine dining” restaurants in my city. So people frequently go there to celebrate events like birthdays.


We go there to the bar. They make an excellent dirty martini. Ok. My favorite bartender there makes an excellent dirty martini.

They let us eat dinner at the bar if we choose. The bartender takes our order rather than fetching a server (the normal protocol.) ok we’re also friends with the bartender.

The owners’ daughter is so sweet to ALL my kids. She must be part psychic. I had an insane evening after getting off work. Part of parenting. lol. She just brought me a lovely little dish of pate.

So the whole point of my rambling is that’s how I treat myself. With a martini and pate.


What is your special way to treat yourself?

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