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How do your periods change?

My period never used to bother me. Minor cramps, five days, annoying. There ya go.

Then I turned 40. It's not bad every month, but there are months where I do not know WTF is happening. This month, I'm having actual painful spasms, where I had to stop on my walk. A couple months ago, I was so nauseous and just.. churning.

Also, I literally ate two strip steaks for lunch last time (covered with mushrooms and onions). I want all the meat. MEEAAAATTT. I know I'm anemic and I take iron for it, but I usually keep red meat to once a week, if that. I'm sorry cows! I'm sorry!


I am not happy about this at all. AT ALL. My mom didn't go into menopause until she was 50. Please share your shark week stories.

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