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Okay. Here's the sitch:

I'm looking for a new job. In the process I interviewed for a job that I really want/like about almost two weeks ago. I also interviewed for a job (set up via a recruiter I don't really like) before the holidays. I'm so-so on that job and the people I would be working with. Well of course that job is interested—originally it was a contract to hire, but I was like, "um nope" so they are working on making it a direct hire after I guess meeting with people less stellar than myself (ha! jk). So I decided to use that information to sort of see where I was at with the job that I want more—so I emailed them to let them know where I was at and how their job is the one I am really interested in blah blah blah.


The person emailed me back "OH NO! I am sad, bad timing. You're at the top of my list. But we're not ready to make an official offer. I'm meeting with so-and-so to figure out our timing. Please let me know what you decide and I'll do my best to get a better idea of where we're at." (paraphrased).


WHAT DO I DO NOW? I feel like I really screwed myself on this. I want to be like "I am so not interested in that other job please love me and hire me" but I know that's not an acceptable way to act.

Anyone here ever been in this situation? WHAT DID YOU DO?

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