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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I work in New York City. Coincidentally,Thursday is New York Fashion Week...I mean *chough* Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.I can, technically, go to events for this thing, but only if they are free or have a cheap entrance fee (yeah right). If I go, I can see a slew of glamorous-minded people like myself who even have wilder modes of expression. Despite the shit I give current fashion, I have a deep love and respect for it. You could say I'm hard on fashion because I love it so much.


I have never been to a Fashion Week event, but I feel it's about time I change that situation. If anything, I would be totally satisfied sitting outside of shows just to see all the people.I am asking, a community with tons of variety, what your experience during these events have been, and what there is to do for non-insiders.I've checked the website, but I assume that shows only allow access to people who have paid for tickets or are actual insiders. if not, I'm going to be there with bells on. Not literally. I don't think those will ever be in style.

EDIT: I changed the image. The gif was giving me a headache.

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