SexGod and I made up recently, which is awesome for many reasons. Two of which involve his pseudonym and the monthly spike in my libido. Yes, ladies and gents, my iron is red-hot. But I'm having trouble asking him to strike it.

I thought about sending a blunt text:

But I didn't want to come across as too relationship-starved, or the opposite, that I only want him for his body.

I thought about just waiting till we see each other again in a few days and getting my message across in a more subtle, dignified, way:


But as we are two busy adults, play-time has to be scheduled in...

Advertisement being subtle and spontaneous probably won't get all my needs met.

I'm currently drafting a witty, to-the-point, self-effacing-yet-confident text message telling him how much I want him to pencil me in, but I figured while I'm doing that I'd ask you all to chime in. I figure there are times when we're all itchin' for some scratchin' but we don't know how to get it across without appearing too insensitive or vulnerable. So have at it GT! What did you do in situations like this?