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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I’m very close to having had it with both my sort of landlord/family friend and my roommate. Since my roommate moved in I’ve been dealing with all sorts of gross behavior, the worst of which is not properly flushing the toilet. Then there was the landlord/roommate saga wherein she tried to pay him rent and he refused it, which led to her thinking she could live here rent-free, and when he asked her to pay back rent several months later she told him it was illegal to ask and that she would be moving out within the month. Which she didn’t tell me. Nor did she actually plan to move out. That was “smoothed out” but they still (understandably) dislike and distrust each other.

A few days ago my landlord started asking me a bunch of questions about how much money my roommate has been paying him. You’re the one who picks up the money and puts it into your bank account. Why aren’t you keeping track of how much money she’s giving you? So now I’m going back through the bills and trying to figure out how much each of us should have been paying him since January.


While I was doing this I told my roommate that from now on we’re both going to write down exactly how much we’re paying in rent/utilities, and since we were already talking about bills I reminded her that the internet bill is due on the 1st, because she pretty much never pays me on time for it (although to be fair she has also never missed a payment). Then she starts giving me attitude about how she never knows when a check is going to come in (she works sort of sporadically) so it would be impossible to pay me regularly. And while I sympathize with financial struggles, I got her a place to live in NYC for under $500 per month. Don’t give me a fucking attitude when I ask about the $30 you owe me.

Basically, I’m sick of this shit. I’m not completely able to move out yet but if I keep managing my money the way I have I should be able to go soon. However, I have no idea how to go about finding a place that’s not through Craigslist. I’d be looking outside the city (Westchester), which Craigslist doesn’t seem to be very good for. Anybody have ideas?

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