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How does something

like rape become such a standard trope of entertainment, especially on television?

Kinda like it says in this excerpt:

And I can offer evidence that sexism is alive and well in writers’ rooms across the land. On one show I worked on, after various male writers kept suggesting we rape the female lead to “raise the stakes,” I suggested we rape the male lead instead. They went nuts – calling me “sick” and referring to me as “Man Rape Vanstone” for the rest of the week. (I laughed. But still …) As one anonymous female TV drama writer told Variety’s Maureen Ryan: “Every single year we get dudes pitching ‘rape the women’ stories and every season I have to stomp my foot in the writers’ room and say no, which I probably shouldn’t do, for the sake of my career, but dammit, NO. If rape were so illuminating, such a great story, then you know what? They’d be pitching to rape the men. But that never happens and never will happen, so it’s this blatantly internalized misogyny that drives me nuts.”


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