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When you have “assignments” (work, school, or just for-fun things) that involve acquiring information from sources that have multiple “moving parts,” how do y’all manage to keep things straight and not miss major chunks of information?

For those of you who are neurotypical, does your brain just automatically sift out information that isn’t “vital,” without you having to concentrate hard, or actually think about blocking the “non-vital” parts?

And (especially, please!) for the neurodivergent folks, what tricks/ tips/ hints do you use, or do you have, for how to parse the info which is long-term irrelevant or pointless from the necessary stuff?


How do you keep yourself from getting distracted by “the stupid shit**”?

Can YOU watch things with 3 or more components and manage to not entirely lose one section, or do you only successfully manage 2-part items, too?

For example, if you are watching a video with a main picture, a picture-in-picture shot, *and* lots of different inflections in sound *or* closed-captioning at the bottom of the screen (or God forbid BOTH!🤯), do YOU lose at least one of those 3 elements entirely, because your brain is trying too hard to keep up with the other 2 sections of the video/message?

Or is that merely an ADHD hyperfocus/inattention thing?

*this question brought to you by the fact that my brain feels like it’s going to ooze out of my ears as some form of liquid sludge at any second, after TRYING to watch the videos one of my professors made for his class.


He’s GREAT in person, fascinating to learn from, and I LOVE his class in-person!!!

But the online portions of this class are brain-melting, because he doesn’t post the powerpoints, ONLY the videos.


Videos which have a split-screen perspective, with the small cameo of him gesticulating quite a bit. They also have his very emphatic vocal inflections, which are GREAT to listen to (he would be SO much fun, as a podcaster!😁), but which are TOTALLY distracting when you have ADHD and are trying to LEARN this stuff, and are not just “listening for fun.”

The videos regularly fall into my trainwreck area of “three or more things to pay attention to!” And I’m having to watch each one 2-3+ times, to gather all the necessary info.


Which is a BIG problem, because some weeks he’s posting 10-15 (admittedly short-ish!) videos for us to watch🙃

I LOVE the info we’re learning in this class, and I REALLY like the textbook (our professor wrote it, and it’s in a format for parents & non-specialists to read), so it’s an EASY book to learn from & a lot of good info. BUT the videos are taking so much time & brainpower that I’m not getting TO the reading.😕 (Plus 3 other classes and a dayjob!)


**i.e. losing the *Entire Message* of a video you were supposed to watch, because you got SO distracted by the fact that the picture & sound weren’t in sync, that your brain wouldn’t let you focus on ANYTHING other than trying to match them up? Do YOU have to give up & “watch” them with YOUR eyes closed, too, just to be able to pay attention to what the message is? SERIOUSLY, this is why I can’t STAND Skype, Facetime, or video-meetings. My ears STOP WORKING, because my brain is too focused on making sense of what I’m seeing🙃

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