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How Feminism Hurts Men o_O

So a pastor friend posted this and i was all ready to give him some serious side eye, but sadly... it was expertly written satire!! I'm at a loss as to what to do, hivemind...help? ;)

btw, here's a few choice quotes that really, chapped my hide...

Because of feminism, men must fight for a voice in the public sphere. In issues of theology, politics, science, and philosophy, the female perspective is often considered default, normal, and unbiased. Male perspectives are dismissed for being too subjective or too emotional. When we speak up, we are often dismissed as angry, rebellious, subversive, or dangerous.


Because of feminism, there are no major Christian conferences about how to act like men, where thousands of men can celebrate their manliness and Jesus (and perhaps poke fun at female stereotypes).


Ok... off to kick some rocks :)

ETA: said pastor knew it was satire, just was poor in his execution of the post, ehehee!

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